My name is Brenda. I am the creator of The Boubougies. Who am I? In my everyday life, I am a registered dietitian and I love my job.

So why candles? Very simple, I love everything related to science, experiments, calculations and moments of relaxation. For me, candle creation brings together all of these interests.

Now, why the name The Boubougies? Very few know it, but my grandmother had a special nickname for me; Boubou. She was one of the only people to call me that. She is very important to me.

The Boubougies represent a combination of this two parts of my life.

What is The Boubougies? It is a ‘’black owned’’ and ‘’women owned’’ company based in the greater Montreal area. It aims to inspire you with elegance and relaxation without having to feel guilty. Our candles will allow you to enjoy your moments in a scented atmosphere.

Thank you for your support and interest in my small business.